Avoiding Turnitin with Essay Writing: 6 Ways to Do It

In todays’ world when students are resourceful and often seek ways to cheat the system, one thing that is particularly present is the use of plagiarism. If we have in mind that a lot of them don’t like writing essays, this is perhaps the most efficient way for them to get quality pieces of texts relatively quickly. One of the plagiarism checkers that are well-known among students is Turnitin. Hence, beating Turnitin represents some sort of a mission for the students and something they often try to do. And the point of our guide is to provide you with useful tips on how you can avoid being caught by this plagiarism checker. So, let’s see what 6 ways we have prepared for you.

Avoiding Turnitin with Essay Writing

1.     Paraphrasing

One thing that is often seen in writing and is frequently present within student communities is paraphrasing. Simply put, it allows you to write sentences with the same meaning but with other words or different placement of them. And it is something that students are fully aware of. The question that can be commonly asked by students is “What does Turnitin check”? And we are here to provide you with an answer to that. One trick that you probably didn’t know about until now is that Turnitin machines can detect plagiarism only if sentences or the structure of the text are very similar to the published pieces. So, this program checks published content, journals, and books, as well as papers that students submit. As you learned this now, paraphrasing seems like a great opportunity to avoid Turnitin. Do you wonder why? Well, because robots won’t notice any use of plagiarism. It is as simple as that. Just try to paraphrase words and phrases correctly and your essay will look like it was written by David Foster Wallace himself, for example.

2.     Utilization Of Synonyms

If you have wondered how to reduce similarity on Turnitin, here lies the solution. Something that students prefer to use while writing is synonyms. They represent words that have the same meaning but are written and spelled differently. As synonyms are frequent in the English language, it won’t be hard to find one for almost any word you want to apply to your essay. What you should know is that Turnitin robots recognize phrases consisting of 3 words and measure plagiarism through them. So, the only thing you should do is to change the third word in a phrase and the program won’t detect anything. For example, if you say, “How to cheat Turnitin”, you can just say “How to deceive Turnitin” and you will stay unnoticed. A pretty cool trick, isn’t it?

3.     Organization Of the Words

The third way that will be on our list related to avoiding Turnitin checking is how to organize the words you are about to see. Simple arranging of their order will be enough to prevent being detected. It is a mere step but can have immense value for students. Try to apply this technique when you cite some names in a specific order. Just change the order of these names and everything will be fine.

4.     Addition Of Creative Note

It is fair to say how creativity plays a big and essential role in writing bestsellers or interesting written pieces like scholarship entrance exams. After all, your imagination and the way you express your thoughts are the keys to publishing a successful text. With this in mind, something you should consider in order to cheat Turnitin is to add some creative notes to it. What do we mean? It is not a rare case when students are thinking about how to submit to Turnitin. This idea comes from a lack of solutions. To prevent such thoughts, try to add some photos or images to your essay. It is not forbidden to do it, right? If you find a perfect combination of words and images in your essay, you will make it more unique and harder to detect signs of plagiarism. But you should be cautious with this because you will still have to commit to changing the text and not only images.

5.     Use Letters from Another Language

Yes, you see it right. One of the simplest, but also easiest, ways to avoid Turnitin checking is to switch some letters. Robots of this program will hardly notice plagiarism if you change only one letter from a word. Take deeper research on the Internet and try to find letters from different languages that are written similarly. The most used technique is to change the first letter though. But in any case, regardless of which one you swap, plagiarism won’t be noticed. You only have to make sure that letters don’t differ too much in appearance. To prevent you from struggling to find ones that fit, try to use the letter H. You will find in other languages letters that are written almost the same.

6.     Take The Existence of Essay Writing Services to Your Advantage

The last, useful trick on how to avoid Turnitin detection will be focused on the use of essay writing services. Today, students use the Internet on a daily basis for different reasons. If you didn’t know, it doesn’t exist only to use social media or watch sports events or movies through it. So, try to take it to your advantage and google about essay writing services. You can find plenty of them that will gladly offer you help with your essay. What will be beneficial for you is that such companies offer the services of professional writers with a lot of experience. Those texts are always plagiarism-free, original, and of high quality. Professionals have a decent experience in all the previous parts we have mentioned and they will know how to deal with your issue without sweating.


It is often the case that students require possessing essays of high quality. That’s why steps like these are common to see. Now, you can officially celebrate the successful cheating of a Turnitin plagiarism checker. If you listen to our suggestions, you can stay 100% assured that your essays will pass the test!


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